Founded by María Subiela in 2017, Vanguerati is a luxury fashion and artistic accessories firm based in Valencia, Spain.

Art as a way of dressing

At Vanguerati, we create unique pieces, full of sparkles and colors that denote our way of seeing life. Each of our models is created to stand out from the rest, standing out for its uniqueness and picturesque style.

Our greatest satisfaction is that our clients feel unique; For this reason, all our products are marketed as unique pieces, small productions or limited editions.

Made in Spain

As a brand, we are proud to ensure that 100% of our creations are designed and manufactured by hand in Spain.

Each of our products is handcrafted under high quality standards.

In the heart of Valencia

Our permanent collection, which brings together the most exclusive and current Vanguerati accessories, is located at ‘L’Espai D’Art’ Gallery; a unique space, surrounded by works by famous painters and sculptors, located in the heart of Valencia.